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This Woman Recreated 15 Famous Celebrity Instagram Poses And It’s Hilarious AF

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*Disclaimer* After looking at these pictures, you will either fall off whatever you are sitting on or will end up laughing so hard, your stomach will hurt.

With an Instagram following of over 50,000 she is  famous for mimicking celebrity poses , be it Beyonce to Taylor Swift, from Justin Bieber to Zayn Malik. She has spared literally no one. Look at her parody poses and you will realise why she is hilariously funny.

1. Pillow talk with Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

2. Be like Queen Bee- Beyonce

3. Strike a pose like Bella Hadid

4. Gorgeous just like Giselle

5. Just hanging with the Jenners yo!

6. Gone with the wind with Jessica Simpson

7. Be a Belieber

8. Good night Kim

9. Killing it like Karlie Kloss

10. Lady ‘Guru’ Gaga

11. Layer up like Lenny Kravitz

12. Move on Victoria, David is mine

13. My Ananconda don’t

14. Sizzle like Selena

15. Taylor, that wine glass is mine

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