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This Transgender Woman Is Now Dating The Same Person Who Rejected Her As A Male

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When this transgender woman approached her facebook crush as a male, she was rejected by him. However, after the transition from male to female, she is now in a happy relationship and madly in love.

Erin Anderson said that she wanted to change her gender for a very long time.

She is currently 22 years old and has already had breast augmentation, two years of hormone replacement therapy and is soon hoping to undergo gender replacement surgery.

When she first approached 28-year-old Jared Norris, he politely rejected her. Back then, she was living as Aaron.

The journey of this beautiful couple has been quite bumpy. Within the first few months after going public with their relationship, the received a lot of hateful comments. On a few occasions, they also received death threats.

While still living as a boy, Erin, who is from Owensboro, Kentucky message Jared on Facebook because she found him cute. However, since he showed no interest whatsoever, she decided not to try anymore with him.

Two years later, he liked one of her pictures on Instagram. By that time, she had transformed herself into a woman.

Erin decided to break the ice and messaged her. Soon they started talking with each other. The next day was her birthday and they spent some time together. Just a few days after that, they started dating and have been together ever since.








Erin said that she had never been in a serious relationship before Jared as all of them were too afraid to tell their family or friends. But since Jared didn’t care about what other thought, their relationship blossomed.

Jared, a computer science student is currently in a happy relationship with Erin, who was previously a transgender.

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