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These Amazing #10YearChallenge Photos Of Your Favorite Celebs Are Swoon-worthy

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The hashtag #10YearChallenge gained social media traction within a few weeks of the onset of 2019.
From first world users to millennials, everyone jumped the hashtag bandwagon and posted their photos that were 10 years apart. Hollywood celebs were not behind in following the craze as well. Many took to their social media handles and posted their photos with the trending hashtag.

Now it is no new news that celebs don’t age as we normal people do. But some of these challenges posted made us wonder if some of them aged at all.

While Ellen Degeneres proved that she can carry on the hosting duties of The Ellen Show for another 2-3 decades, Resse Witherspoon made us wish for a Cruel Intentions remake with her still playing a teenage girl. On one hand, Padma Lakshmi made us swoon over her transformation, Nicki Minaj proved that for her age is just a number.

It is not all makeup and glitter though, some of these celebs are just naturally blessed with some good genes. Further, it is brave of them to show their aging side, as Hollywood is so much about hiding what’s real and carrying on a fake persona.

Scroll down to see our compilation of some of the best #10YearChallenge celeb posts. Our most favorite post definitely came from Brie Larson. Which one is your favorite?

Ellen Degeneres Undoubtedly Still Looks The Same

We Wonder What’s Resse Witherspoon’s Real Age Is?

Nicki Minaj Looks Ever Youthful In Her #10YearChallenge Post

Kevin Hart Is The Real Deal – The Handsome Hunk Is Like Some Fine Wine

Isla Fisher Took On To Motherhood With Pride

We Love Kate Hudson’s Pixie Cut

Brie Larson Is Super Cute And A Treat To Sore Eyes

And So Is Kate Beckinsale – Look How She Hasn’t Changed Even A Bit

Jessica Biel Is Hotness Personified

Padma Lakshmi Nailed The #10YearChallenge

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