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Hands-free Bubble Tea Challenge Is The New Viral Thread On The Internet

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We are back with another viral internet challenge and beware, it might make you contemplate your “assets”. This challenge has to be a favorite for guys as it includes two of their favorites. This viral challenge is called hands free bubble tea challenge. As it is hands-free it consists of breasts. The challenge is inspired by a collection of illustrations called Tawawa done by artist Kiseki Himura. Here’s more to this challenge.

If you are eager to take part in this challenge, there are some pre-requisites. Good things come at a price you see.

The first thing that you need is bubble tea and then, a great pair of breasts. Trust me, a great pair. If you have been cursing your assets the entire time, the time has come to rejoice. Not everyone can do this challenge.

As I said this is hands-free, girls are drinking their bubble tea by balancing the cups on their chest.

The challenge caught pace after a Japanese model posted a video of herself performing the hands-free bubble tea stunt. She drank latte by balancing the cup on her chest. This is a really unique talent. This model balanced the cup on her chest and was working on a laptop simultaneously.

It’s actually time-saving, isn’t it? I can only imagine how happy your boss will be as you won’t be taking any coffee break.

The first video got 18k retweets and soon other people started following the trend.

If you are wondering why should girls have all the fun, here’s your inspiration guys. Nothing is too hard if you do it correctly.

This guy commented on the model’s video performing the hands-free bubble tea stunt. All you need is a good gym session.

So, are you ready to do it?

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