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A 57 Years Old Mom Copied Her Daughter And Got 20,000 Instagram Followers

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Instagram is one of the very few platforms that can make you popular overnight. It doesn’t matter if you do anything crazy or something extraordinary, if it gets viral, your followers count will just keep rising. The best example is the record-breaking egg photo which broke all the record of liked on Instagram. One of the major reasons behind these numbers is that active users on Instagram s increasing day by day and its popularity is leaving Facebook behind. The reason why we are telling all this is because we have a very interesting story to tell you about. So, keep reading to find out more about this story.

Here is the story of a 57 years old mom who got 20,000 Instagram followers when she copied her daughter. Let’s take a look!

In this story, we are talking about a British lady Kasha Grimes who is getting famous on Instagram for all the right reasons.

She gained 20k+ followers when she started following her daughter’s fashion sense.

Kasha has interesting put her username as @NiftyAfterFifty. It’s not just the username but her bio is also interesting.

Kasha doesn’t only have a popular Instagram account but also has a YouTube channel where she shares all beauty related knowledge.

In one of the post, she mentioned borrowing her daughter’s dress. Her daughter is a makeup artist and she also has a YouTube channel where she shares her knowledge on makeup and clothing.

Kasha’s loyal fanbase love her approach towards aging and accepting the fact that you are growing old but it’s just in your mind. You can always follow what you want.

Others have described her as a strong person. She also keeps receiving positive comments on her Instagram account.

Does she look 57 years old by any chance? Absolutely not. It looks like she is not aging at all.

Kasha also keeps mentioning that she raids her daughter closet for photo shoots.

Her popularity on Instagram recently earned her a brand ambassadorship with retailer Pretty Little Thing.

In addition to being an Instagram celebrity, she offers anti-aging tops to her followers.

Her daughter also proudly uploads a picture of herself with her mom. She captioned this on Instagram for the picture below,

PROUD MISHY ALERT 🥰🙌🏻!! This little superstar next to me @kasha_grimes started her YT channel just over a month ago & has already hit 15K 🤩🤩 GO MUMMA GRIMES ☺️👏🏻!! // it’s fair to say she isn’t just any normal 57 year old Mumma & for all the right reasons ❤️


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