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12 Mistakes That Make Us Look Poor in Beach Photos

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We just want holiday photos that are fun enough to show our friends and upload them on social networks. Yet in general ridiculous posture or the wrong angle makes us hide most of the pictures in the depths of the memory of our gadget.

#12. “Double” leg

Wrong.  The legs are in the same line, creating a “big” leg effect and spoiling a beautiful picture.

Correct.  There’s one knee above the other. It’s easy to see both legs, don’t merge and look gracious.

#11. Knees facing the camera

Wrong.  The body and extremities look short when the knees face the camera.

Correct.  The half-turned role underlines curves, and the legs are clearly visible.

#10. View from the top

Wrong.  A view from above interferes with the facial proportions. The collar is gone, and it gets heavy all over.

Correct.  Take an eye-level shot. It will retain the proportions, and the neck will be seen clearly.

#9. The accent is not on the face

Incorrect. The neck may appear distorted, due to the wrong angle, and the body may look shapeless.

Right. From a different angle, the same spot. Concentrate on the lips. In this pose too the model should feel more relaxed.

#8. Too close to the water

Incorrect. When the head is too close to the surface, the neck will vanish, breaking the facial proportions.

Right. Chin and water should have at least 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) respectively. The neck is then clearly seen and all attention is turned to the chin.

#7. On the knees

Incorrect. That posture will ‘disappear’ your waist and the bottom of your thighs. It looks horrible and unnatural.

Right. The half-turn position creates curved lines and underlines beautiful forms.

#6. Soldier position

Incorrect. The pose deprives the body of curves, the individual looks flat, and the knees disappear entirely.

Right. A slightly turned posture underlines the curves of the body, and the right alignment of the legs makes them slimmer and longer.

#5. Feet facing the camera

Incorrect. The more direct the foot gets into the camera, the shorter the legs appear.

Right. Turning a little different. Then you get good, simple, curved lines.

#4. Same pictures

Incorrect. Believe it or not, it’s not always a pleasant seating spot.

Right. A good alternative is a halving pose. Slightly crossed feet make the model even more trendy in the picture.

#3. Knees close to the chest

Incorrect. The closer the legs are to the shoulders, the more it contravenes the body’s proportions.

Left: The half-lying posture, where one leg is in front of another, shows the body’s graceful lines perfectly.

#2. Don’t lean on thing

Incorrect. When the hand supports the head, the image becomes heavy and the person appears tired.

Right. Don’t put all of your body on a lounger. Join the feet, and rest on a slightly bent shoulder.

#1. Watch your posture

Incorrect. A belly emerged, and the neck vanished, due to poor posture.

Right. Don’t slouch around. Only straightening your back is all you need to make the pose more elegant. And not only during photo shoots, but this rule also works.


There are, of course, plenty of rules for posing. And don’t forget that in a good picture the main thing is not a flawless pose, body or angle: its emotions. A misplaced pose with a bright, sincere, and emotional image will please others and get into your personal memory album.

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