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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

10 People Who found With Hilariously Crazy Solutions For Everyday Problems

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There are a lot of people out there, talented and innovative. They say creative people and strangers are like two sides of the same coin. Let me tell you, no, they’re completely different people, and you can tell these people are just plain strange, not creative.

There were numerous reasons we never did what they did. But if you put absolute priority over everything else on ultra comfort and self-gratifying effect … you fit in the chart.

The person who looked the way stepped into the bathroom of her friend.

Excellent car-body repair.

Be frank, who’s the idea was this actually?

What’s happening with this?

Hilarious Incognito barefoot “shoes”.

Someone was actually taking a slice of bread .. Cover it with cement, and use it as a coaster seat.

Mom made dad a cane.

Newspaper is an excellent welding mask! Brilliant Man!

The most straightforward way to fix a TV: tape a new one on the front.

Repurposing the toilet for BBQ.

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